Leslie Nguyen. Pre-PA. California State University, Long Beach.

I like anime, manga, steampunk, gothic lolita, and retro fashion, games, books/shows about magic, medieval things, archery, piano, and wolves.

This is my life.


Went to my university’s homecoming for the first time today! Since I work with the Annual Fund, I got to the buffet for free and bring my sister for only $5.00 when it’s usually about $25. I was really surprised at how much there was to do at homecoming. I expected to just eat and then go home but Tina and I ended up spending a good four hours eating and exploring. I showed her the Mobile Science Museum where she got to touch the starfish, went on the zipper ride, raced on the inflatable obstacle course, raced around in the giant inflatable hamster ball, and showed her the Abhorrence and Obsession horror exhibit in the University Art Museum. Best part was that everything, including the rides, were free! I can’t believe I never went before but I’m definitely going again for my senior year! My mom also came home from Vietnam so I wanted to show off the ao dai she got me hehe. 


After almost a month, I finally got to see Mattie today! Since I haven’t seen him in a long time I decided to cook him a nice steak lunch which turned out delicious if I do say so myself (he burned the bread though). Since he had work in the afternoon, we decided to just hang out at his house, cook lunch, and watch Ip Man until he had to leave. Since I had no other plans for today, I decided to finally organize my room and hang/frame the prints I got from Comikaze. I love my new posters [:

Hooray for a lonesome yet productive Friday! 


Went to Comikaze for the first time today! I was really surprised at how small it was since I’ve only been to Anime Expo and Otakon but I felt like it was the perfect size to cover in one full day. I was really excited too since this was my first time cosplaying since Sango way back when haha. For working on them the night before, I’m pretty damn happy with how my kama’s turned out. Even though the wig was super uncomfortable and heavy, I felt like the whole costume came out pretty well [: I got stopped quite frequently for pictures but the weirdest request was picking me up bridal style for a picture haha. Tina also dressed up as Alice from American Mcgee’s Alice- she’s so cute! There were so many amazing cosplayers which makes me want to cosplay more! I got some pretty amazing deals for these awesome posters which I’ll probably post later on too [:

I don’t have a fancy camera but my good friend is going to do a cosplay photo-shoot for me next week so I’m super excited! I can’t wait for my next convention!


Dressed up for Halloween today! I didn’t notice how nobody really dresses up on campus for Halloween until I actually did haha. It wasn’t so embarrassing though because my friends dressed up as Tyrion Lannister and a Stone Cutter so I didn’t feel alone.  It was pretty funny though because I had lab in the morning and we were doing frog dissections and because I love dissections, I did the cutting even though I was in my snow white dress. After lab, I met up with Alex and we enjoyed some of my pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes and then got lunch. I also got my first alcoholic drink on campus in the Outpost! After class, we all checked out the haunted maze down in the Union. I didn’t fall and cut myself this time [:

After working at night, I went out with my high school ladies to downtown Fullerton to go bar-hopping for the first time. It was definitely not something I was used to but it was pretty fun [: I got home around 2 and I only had about four hours of sleep before since I was making cupcakes so I knocked out pretty fast. Definitely had quite an adventure this Halloween!


Had an amazing time with my coworkers today! Since we got double bonuses if we wore a costume, I wore my penguin costume! After our shift, we had a game/potluck night. I ended up showing up a little bit late to work because I was making pizza-pasta casserole but it was worth it because everyone loved it! I didn’t even get to eat any of my dish but that’s okay [: After eating, Alex brought extra pumpkins for us to carve so Frank, Viranga, and I teamed up and carved our very first pumpkin. Even though the other team won, I’m still really proud of our Jack Skellington pumpkin. 


Had one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time with Mattie! In the morning, he came over and gave me another beautiful red rose since they’re my favorite and the next day was our 51st monthiversary. I cooked him a steak breakfast, and we just hung out at my house and cuddled for a while until our appointment. I really love getting massages, so we used the voucher for a couples massage that he bought me for my birthday. It was his first time getting one (other than from me) but he really enjoyed it [: Then, he treated me to a delicious lunch at Full Moon Sushi nearby.

Afterwards, we went home and I got ready to go to his little cousin’s birthday party in Corona which was fun as always. It’s pretty much a tradition for me to bring cupcakes to all of his family parties so I made Banana Cream Pie cupcakes with a vanilla wafer crust, yellow cake, and filled/iced with a banana pudding frosting. They honestly, weren’t as good as my other ones but that’s okay- everyone still liked them [: We watched a couple scary movies with all the kids and they all made fun of me because I always scream at the scary parts. After the party, Tina picked me up and we headed home [: 


Had a lunch date with Helen today! We decided to go to the Chartroom since she had never been there before. The food was pretty good- I think my favorite part was the carne asada salad and the beef tips. We killed a lot of time there eating and talking until our animal physiology class haha. After the shift, Alex and I went on a donut run for everyone working the shift since we did raised a lot of money the week before. 

On Saturday, I finally got to see Mattie after not seeing him for three whole weeks! It was really hard but seeing him again made it all worth it. We just hung out at home, cuddled, and then got ramen with my parents at Shin-sen-gumi. Thankfully, we came early so we could beat the dinner rush and my parents ended up really liking it. After dinner, they left to go run errands for their trip to Vietnam and Matt and I went back home [:

Attempted a 50’s-esque look for the family party for the one year anniversary of my grandmothers passing yesterday. Time goes by so fast. I hope that one day you’ll look down on me with pride after I become a physicians assistant and that you’ll give me the strength to reach my goals.
I love you bà ngoại 

Attempted a 50’s-esque look for the family party for the one year anniversary of my grandmothers passing yesterday. Time goes by so fast. I hope that one day you’ll look down on me with pride after I become a physicians assistant and that you’ll give me the strength to reach my goals.

I love you bà ngoại 


Went out to dinner with Abby and Leilani to sort of celebrate my birthday haha. For dinner, we ate at Tokyo table in diamond jamboree which was pretty good. The sushi pizza was really different and my lychee saketini was great. The only thing I didn’t like was the sake bomb but that’s probably because I still don’t like beer. Abby also got me this adorable ‘shot glass’ and pop-up carousal card! It was really nice catching up with the both of them [:

Afterwards, Leilani dropped me off at the karaoke place next to my house since my cousins were there. I stayed and sang with them for another hour or so before going back home with Tina. Definitely a fun night! 


Finally got to celebrate my 21st birthday with my ladies and gentlemen this weekend! On Friday, I met up with Veronica, Vannyda, and Soriya at Cucina Alessa- an intimate Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach. I got the lobster ravioli, which was amazing, and a glass of caramel dessert wine. It was actually the first legal drink that I bought since everyone payed for me on my actual birthday haha. I definitely found my new favorite Italian restaurant. Thank you Veronica and Vannyda for my new cupcake stand and squirrel hand sanitizer key chain! I can’t wait to put them to use!

On Saturday, the guys and I headed to El Torito after the shift. I barely ate since Lisette brought Lasagna for the shift and Antoine brought me cheese-rolls for my birthday [: I had to get a drink of course so I got a hibiscus margarita which was yummy. After dinner, Paul, Frank, and I headed to Panama Joe’s to get some more drinks and use up the gift card I got from work. Viranga sadly couldn’t go with us since he’s underage but he didn’t miss out on much anyway. We just got drinks and sat at the table and caught up since dancing isn’t really my thing haha. Afterwards, we chilled at Paul’s to sober up and Frank dropped me off at home. 

It was so nice catching up with everyone this weekend [:


Finally finished with all of my science exams! I can fully celebrate my 21st with my other friends now that they’re out of the way. After my comparative animal physiology exam, Alex and I ended up going down to the University Art Museum to visit the new exhibit featuring Gabe Bartalos who’s known for his special effects in movies like Godzilla and The Gremlins. The pieces were very gory/scary but in a good way. I can’t believe I’ve never came down to museum before!

After work, I went down to Dustin’s house for a late dinner and to hang out with him and my auntie who shares the same birthday as me. She ended up giving me more clothes including three dresses, cardigans, and two purses. I love my auntie <3 


Celebrated my 21st birthday with my sister, family, and friends! We decided to go to Banana Bay because they have delicious Thai food and because they have an awesome buy one get one free happy hour! I ended up having so much fun! I told myself I wouldn’t drink too much but ended up doing the opposite anyway haha. It was hard not to when everyone kept buying me more and more. These guys I randomly met ended up buying me a shot too… after they found out it was my birthday (and after I took a sip of the drinks in their hands and walked away haha) Thankfully, Elizabeth and Dustin took care of me and took me home safely [:

Happy 21st birthday to me and 25th birthday to Tina!

Made tiramisu cupcakes featuring an expresso-soaked ladyfinger cake, mascarpone frosting, chocolate powder and shavings, and a cappuccino wafer roll garnish for Matthew’s cousin’s birthday party!

I was a bit wary of trying these but they turned out to be a hit! Happy birthday Jessica and Nikki!


Spent my last day of summer with my family today! Since we got a really good deal off of Groupon, my mom, dad, Hermie, Tina, and I all went to the San Diego Safari Park! The place was a lot bigger than I thought it would be! We got to see so many animals including lions, tigers, giraffes, and rhinos. My favorite part of the park was definitely the tram ride. I loved how much room they gave all the animals and how close we got to them. For lunch, we went back to our car, spread out a mat, and enjoyed our banh mi under a shady tree. Even though we were so tired at that point, we decided to push through and visit the rest of the park. Our feet were sore by the end but we managed to visit every part and exhibit in the park. Needless to say, I slept amazing that night haha.

Definitely the best way to end my summer! 


Had our last summer adventure with my boys today! After our shift, we all headed to Viranga’s to get ready for dinner. We decided to try out Paradise Biryani Pointe which was an Indian dinner/lounge place with a very modern/trendy atmosphere. It was Antoine’s first time getting Indian food but he seemed to like it. My favorite dish was definitely the Chicken Tikki Marsala. They also didn’t card there so I got myself a glass of Pinot Noir hehe. After walking around downtown, we went back to Viranga’s house where I got to play with their adorable sugar gliders. They kept on jumping and climbing on us and they’re so soft too! They seem like a lot of work though so I’d never want one for myself haha.

Definitely had a good last date before the end of the summer [: